The Top 10 “Is Peyton Manning the Best of All Time?” List

Manning List #1

1. Everybody Loves Peyton

Come on now, say it… say it. Repeat after me, “I like Peyton Manning.”  Peyton has a likable charm and charisma and “it” factor that makes people like him. It makes coaches want to coach him, players want to play with him, and fans want to root for him.  On the field and off the field, people like him. This same “it” factor is what makes him funny in commercials or when hosting Saturday Night Live.  I am not painting the guy as a saint now. He can be whiny and annoying just like everyone else, and he does carry around some of that “cheesiness” factor that can grate on you (yes, I used the word cheesiness, twice now), but at the end of the day, you can’t help but like the guy. He won in his first Super Bowl appearance and he won in his last. He won his 200th and final career game at Super Bowl 50. His name is forever ingrained in the NFL. You just can’t beat that.


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