The Top 10 “Is Peyton Manning the Best of All Time?” List

Manning List #2

2. Mr. Tom Brady

Years from now when the smoke clears and the dusts settles, the names Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will continue to be linked together. With Brady still playing for 1, 2, maybe 10 more years, the likelihood is that he will break some of Manning’s current records. Head to head Brady wins the overall match-up 13-8. In the regular season Brady won 11 out of 16 encounters (with Manning winning 3 out of 5 in the playoffs). And let’s not forget the proverbial white elephant in the room, Brady’s four super bowl rings double that of Manning’s two. Sure you can throw in spy-gate and deflate-gate into the discussion, but in general discussion Tom Brady usually wins this debate.

POINT: He Is Not

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