The Top 10 Ways to Eat Your Way through Chicago


10. Billy Goat Tavern & Grill Restaurant Review

3.7  Stars – GoldStar_SM GoldStar_SM GoldStar_SM halfstar

Located  – 430 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago Illinois 60611

This is one of Chicago’s most famous and colorful (burger) bars. It’s a funky, no-frills kind of place and a living museum of Chicago journalism. Blowups of columns and bylines of famous writers from days past fill the place. The food is quick, cheap and burger centered (they make a good one, and it’s topped with tasty pickles you’ll want to pile on high). But don’t expect a lot in the way of service; if they’re making triples when you arrive, so be it since that’s what you’ll get. A chicken sandwich is on the menu as well, along with diner-style breakfaststandards. A little bit of history: this place is the inspiration behind John Belushi’s famous “Cheezborger, Cheezborger!” skit from Saturday Night Live. This location accepts credit cards for large groups only. Other locations.

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