The Top 10 Spring 2016 Fashion Trends


Spring Fashion

As people across the country look forward to lightening up their look, many are wondering what’s in-store (literally) for spring. Armed with this info, many shoppers will hit the malls but it can be time consuming and costly to maintain a seasonal wardrobe; there’s a better way. Fashion reports show these following top 10 trends as spring’s biggest looks!

The Top 10 Clean-Eating Recipes for the Rest of Us

Diets are tough but lifestyle changes are even tougher.

Whether it’s over three decades or nine, habits are easy to form and difficult to break. By making better choices each day, however, people can move toward their goals whether it’s to lose weight, feel better or just eat more whole foods. For the latter, changing food habits is even harder when they are culinary challenged. Luckily, the Web is full of clean-eating recipes for the rest of us. Read More

The Top 10 Items You Need to Food Prep


If you’re on Instagram or Pinterest, then you’re likely aware of “food prepping,” in which people spend a portion of their day (typically Sunday) preparing their meals Happy New Year 2018 SMS for the week ahead and share their accomplishments on social media.

People food prep to do more than just brag, of course, as it can save money (e.g., one trip to the grocery store, less eating out) and contribute to healthier eating. Now that everyone is caught up, what is actually needed to join the food prep craze?

The Top 10 Ways to Eat Your Way through Chicago


Eating Your Way through the Windy City!

With the summer months just around the corner, many tourists are planning their trips to Chicago, which is often considered the best summertime city in the country. For those planning to eat their way through the city, compiled a quick guide to Chicago food. Included in the list are some local favorites, some hole in the walls and some must-visit tourist traps.