The Top 10 Books Every Sports Enthusiast Needs to Read


Time to Hit the Books!

Athletes and coaches can do more than yell, run (or pace sidelines) and jump. Some of the greatest sports influences of our time have written books chronicling their career, their rise to fame and other interesting events. The same is true of those promoting these individuals such as shoe companies, reporters, agents and marketers.

The following is a list of 10 books that every sports enthusiast needs to read:

The Top 10 Netflix Series to Binge On

The Netflix Top 10

Did you know? Sixty-one percent of Netflix users binge watch shows at least every few weeks. This means that the average user runs out of shows to watch pretty frequently.

Don’t have Netflix?

Well 30 percent of users share their credentials so ask a buddy because the following shows are completely binge-worthy (some of which you may have missed out on before by not having premium channels like HBO, because you once had a life or because you just now have access to Netflix):

The Top 10 Ways to Tell You’re Not from California


Going Back to “Cali”

Running 800 miles north to south, California is the third largest state in the U.S., but the first one out-of-towners are quick to claim. With sun, surf and Sierras, California is a hot spot for tourists and those looking for a new start but born-and-raised Californians are quick to turn up their noses at these faux pas made by non-locals driving their way through the Golden State: